Sea Sirens

Sea Sirens

Slot machine test: sea sirens


with sirens is meant this slot game not the loud noisemakers by police and fire departments, but the mythical creatures from Greek mythology. Her appearance in Homer's Odyssey might be the most famous. So dangerous, they are actually in the mythology, so friendly they are slot machines, you can play, for example, in the Star Games Casino in this Naidoo. "Sirens of the sea" offers a successful design that leads you to the sea. But also content know the slot to set good arguments. The normal winnings take a look, if but the wild and scatter symbols are added, then it is neat, because a two - or three-time multiplier is the higher your profits. If you are not afraid of getting wet, then you can dive and rotate the roller directly in "Sirens of the sea".

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Sea sirens play online

Clear it takes some luck, but is also sure that "Sirens of the sea" saves not, when it comes to high profits. You come on here once properly, then it should not go unrewarded. But before the high profits come, it will probably only once a rod smaller for you to middle income. Winning there when turn his winning lines on line. The series consist always of the same symbols and must always begin on the left reel.

A number may only consist of same motifs, so other symbols may not be interrupted. You need either three, four or five of the same motives, to make profit. Some symbols include even from two fields side by side, even if the resulting gains are rather clear. The exact profit amount is determined from the length of the series and the respective symbol, because for each combination there is a multiplier that will be charged with your use.

The slot game symbols in the sea sirens online slot

9 is actually as much value as the 10, B and Q, the small advantage in "Sirens of the sea", but, is that the 9 already counts from two fields. This brings while only a very small profit, which is still well below the usage, but because the two symbols most often on more than one payline, the profit is multiplied. The K and A are still valuable. In a three-way series, the use of already is played again. The Red Seal of the game is almost twice as much value.

Of the anchor and the Crown bring already very good gains on the account, but with the ship and the crab, it is much more lucrative. For them, there is the multiplier of 75 for a series with five same symbols.

Same symbols must be but not always necessarily, at least, if the joker is used. In this case the Mermaid, that counts as a wild symbol for itself, but also other series may supplement. Such gains are also doubled.

There are

triple profit in the free game rounds, which are triggered by the scatter of the shell. Three shells bring already 15 free spins where already the multiplier is.

Slot machines instructions by sea sirens

Before those sirens you don't need to be afraid. On the contrary, because thanks to scatter and wild it can go up in "Sirens of the sea" and the profits can be then not long in coming. You can affect the precise amount of course with your usage. It is considered also prefer this to screws, on the number of lines, as itself so that your chances of winning change.

As gamble feature "sea sirens' cards risk. You bet on red or black your profit and if you're right, your win is doubled. Because you can completely lose but your winnings by rounds, you should be careful with high profits in risk mode.

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